Pothole Damage to Car: Potential Issues



Potholes start to pop up on the road typically between the change of seasons. In colder climates they are caused by water seepage under the road that freezes and thaws causing weak spots. In warm climates they are often caused by soil erosion. What does pothole tire damage look like? And does auto insurance cover damage from potholes? Ron Bouchard Kia goes over the potential issues that may arise like pothole damage to car suspension or pothole tire damage. If you think your vehicle is in need of a service because of a pothole you can rely on the service team at Ron Bouchard Kia to get you the best deal and care for your car. 

Pothole Damage to Car Suspension & Steering

Pothole damage to car suspension will show up in a few different ways, you may notice your vehicle pulling to the right or left. You may also observe the wheels wearing down unevenly. This may mean that one or more of your suspension or steering components were bent. Pothole damage to car suspension systems can be fixed with an alignment in Lancaster. 

Pothole Tire Damage & Wheels

A very common problem caused by pothole damage to cars happens in a pretty obvious way around Fitchburg and Gardner. Pothole tire damage can result in a blowout if there is enough force. You should check your tires anyway and see if you notice any bulges sticking out. If the pothole tire damage is internal, you may need to replace that tire nonetheless. 

While you are checking your tires, be sure to examine the wheels where the rim and tire meet. If you have damage to the wheels, there may be some bending or cracking that may be easily observed. The tire may lose air or you’ll notice the wheel isn’t moving smoothly anymore. 

Does Auto Insurance Cover Damage from Potholes?

Leominster drivers that experience pothole damage sometimes ask, does auto insurance cover damage from potholes? You’ll need to check your coverage specifically to confirm whether or not this damage is covered, but if you have collision coverage you may be able to file pothole damage as a single-vehicle accident. Keep in mind that this could cause your insurance rate to go up. 

Get Your Pothole Damage Fixed at Ron Bouchard Kia! 

If you hit a pothole outside of Clinton and notice any of these issues popping up, then stop by Ron Bouchard Kia to have your vehicle looked at. Contact us or schedule a service appointment online today, and be sure to check out our service specials for part-specific deals. 

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